FNF Character Test Playground Remake 6

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It looks there is no player left who has not tried to dance in thrilling FNF rap battles. There are so many mods of this musical series that it is even difficult to calculate all the characters you meet here. But you definitely have your favorite personages that you would love to interact more. In this case, there is great news for you. The FNF creators have decided to widen the game features and offer you the chance to become its co-author. It sounds fantastic! So if you are interested, here are some details.
What is test playground remake?

FNF vs Boyfriend fans

This time, your favorite game will not remind a contest as you may expect. There will be no malicious opponents and other obstacles for Boyfriend. You will not need to compete with anyone. Instead, you will need all your creativity. This FNF mod comes as an editor that allows you to modify everyone in the game. It means that you can easily change your characters in the way you want. Now, you are a designer and Boyfriend and his opponents will look like you have imagined. Before you start the transformation process, visit the menu and study the options you can use here. Even if there are no rap battles in this mod, you can still hear lots of soundtracks. And it is in your power to even change the pitch of each song to get more fun!

Experiment to the fullest!

The editor comes with a lot of features to test. And you are allowed full freedom of action! You can decide for yourself whether you only change the appearance or other characteristics. For example, you can develop a whole scene and select the most appropriate background. And the most interesting thing is that you can change the voice of your character. Even Boyfriend can sing in different ways! It will be thrilling to see how funny he may sound! You can change your settings at any time and try on as many looks as you wish. And of course, you can experiment with absolutely every hero you find in the gallery. Just do not forget to take pictures of your works and share them with other FNF fans. This new activity will keep you engaged for hours – check it yourself! Start with one personage and you will find it extremely difficult to stop! Enjoy this creative editor to the fullest!

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