Friday Night Funkin

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Do you love singing and dancing? The n we invite you to a thrilling musical series! In the FNF universe, players will plunge into endless rap battles where there is only one task – to catch the musical rhythm. The main character is Boyfriend who is fighting for the right to date with lovely Girlfriend. Every time, he meets a new opponent and needs to prove he can dance better than him. The task of the player just needs to help him move following every beat of the song. Enjoy a lot of great tracks!

Fight all possible opponents!

The game will immerse the players into an endless flow of fierce rap battles. Daddy Dearest, the father of the girl, is determined to get rid of Boyfriend and continuously looks for new opponents to confront the guy. You will meet all possible antagonists in hundreds of official and fan-made mods. These are all sorts of bosses and monsters from other gaming projects. Some of them are quite friendly and you will spend a great time competing with them.

But others are really dangerous and you will have to go through lots of deadly thrills while dancing with them on one stage. Sometimes, you will see a whole bunch of enemies at once. So the FNF adventure is not only great fun but also a dynamic survival adventure. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will go through different stories, and sometimes, the heroes will even visit other gaming worlds!

Dance to the rhythm!

There is only one ultimate mission in this musical game. You need to help the main character to correctly interpret the rhythm of all the songs you dance to. All of them are remixes or the tunes you have never heard before. So it will always be a challenge to repeat all the notes from the first time. Besides, you always need to be better than your opponent that is trying to defeat you. It is extremely difficult to move synchronically with extremely fast-paced songs. You will have to follow four colored arrows.

These symbols are continuously floating above the head of your character – just press them to match the music beats. Each mistake will eat some of your energy. So watch your health bar to remain green until the song is over. It is important to avoid random moves, otherwise you will immediately lose the battle to your adversary. Do your best to focus on every song and correctly react to its notes. If you love dancing, this game will become one of your favorite ones with no doubt. Have tons of fun!

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