Friday Night Funki Huggy Wuggy

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Boyfriend from the FNF world has already met and defeated dozens of opponents in hectic rap battles. But this time, the main character seems to be in real trouble – he will face a terrible monster from the toy factory. It is Huggy Wuggy, a scary blue creature with a horrifying grin across his face. If he manages to win the duel, he will deal with Boyfriend in no time. You cannot allow it to happen – join Boyfriend to support him in the dancing arena. Press the colored arrows in time not to miss a single note!

Do your best to defeat the blue monster!

Huggy Wuggy can scare to death almost anyone. At first glance, he looks like a grinning plush toy. But it is a trick to mislead the potential victim. Once you approach him closer, you will immediately notice his evil eyes and the mouth full of sharp teeth. It is clear enough this creature is only waiting for a suitable moment to attach someone and kill him. Boyfriend has no weapon to protect himself – he can only use his musical talent to fend off the danger.

But with your help, things will move much faster for the hero. You will need to control Boyfriend’s moves when he dances. It can be done by pressing the colored arrow signs on the screen – you need to match them with the rhythm. it is crucial not to move randomly, otherwise, your health bar will immediately turn red and you will lose the round. Prove your musical hearing is excellent and protect Boyfriend from this mad creature!

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