FNF Vs Gorefield (Garfield)

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In this mod, everything started in a peaceful way. Boyfriend was interacting with Jon and Garfield. But then the plot started to develop on its own. Something happened to the cat and he turned into his evil version – Gorefield. Now, he is dangerous and the main hero needs to escape until it is too late. But it seems he will not avoid the confrontation. And it is going to be an intense rap battle where Boyfriend will need to demonstrate his best musical talents. Are you ready to help him? Then be ready to work with the rhythm – listen to the music and hit the arrow keys to repeat every beat of it!

Can you dance better that Gorefield?

This new antagonist looks a bit overweight. But do not be misled by his appearance – the character can dance so well that you will be impressed! Just remember the original movie with this cat – he moves as a pro! And do not forget that this time, you deal with the evil version of the famous cat. This transformed monster is determined to win the duel and get closer to Boyfriend. You should not allow it to happen as the outcome can be painful for the main character. So focus on the victory in this confrontation.

For this, help Boyfriend dance better than his terrible opponent. The key idea is to catch the rhythm correctly and dance to the music flawlessly. You need to press the arrow signs syncing with the song tune. Do not make random moves – get focused on the music and try to catch all the notes. Good luck!

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