FNF: Doki Doki Takeover (DDLC)

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Welcome to a new mod of the FNF series to continue the exciting adventures of Boyfriend and Girlfriend. This time, things really get thrilling as instead of one opponent you will deal with a whole bunch of them! Furthermore, these are cute anime girls from Doki Doki Literature Club!

They surely know how to dance and sing. Boyfriend is really confused. The hero is not sure he will be able to successfully go through so many rap battles. Are you there to help the guy? Rules are not so complicated – you need to listen to the rhythm and press the arrow signs to match every single note! Good luck in this challenge!

Will you manage to beat so many opponents?

As a rule, one mod usually introduces one antagonist. But as you have already understood, this time the musical trial is going to be extremely hard. All DDLC heroines decided to dance against Boyfriend in turn. Each of them brings their own song. Boyfriend is ready to accept the challenge but he needs some support to deal with so many anime characters at once. Luckily, the rules are the same for every duel.

You need to match the rhythm better than your opponent. When a new song starts, you need to start moving according to the beats. In the beginning, your progress bar is green, but each wrong step will affect it. When the level falls to the minimum, it turns red and the game is over for you. So if you want Boyfriend to win this time, you should avoid mistakes! Follow the rhythm and repeat every beat of all the songs!

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