FNF Vs Indie Cross

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You know well that Boyfriend from the FNF universe does not stop fighting for the right to date the girl he loves. For this, he must continuously take part in various duels with different opponents. And this mod brings three of them! These are famous characters from Indie games – Cuphead, Sans and Ink Demon! It is not an easy thing to defeat these treacherous antagonists, and Boyfriend needs your help! The task is to listen to the music and catch every beat of it by pressing the arrows on the screen!

Confront brave Cuphead!

You know well that this antagonist is more than brave – he is literally fearless and has already defeated plenty of bosses in the other gaming project. Cuphead is open to everything new and the opportunity to participate in a dancing contest against Boyfriend encourages him for new achievements. But you also know that Boyfriend cannot lose this battle as, in this case, he will also lose his beloved Girlfriend. So he needs to act with no hesitation and try to dance better than his opponent. Everyone already knows the rules – catch the rhythm of the song as accurately as possible. Each wrong move will affect the hero’s health bar, and if it turns red, Boyfriend will lose. Do your best to avoid it – press the arrows timely and do not miss a single music note!

Sans and Ink Demon are ready to dance too!

Even if you succeeded with Cuphead, it is too early to relax! Two more antagonists are waiting for their turn to confront Boyfriend. You can realize yourself the poor hero will not cope without your help. You know well how treacherous these two new opponents can be. But you can neutralize them both with the power of music. No matter how scary and dangerous Sans may look, if you help Boyfriend move better, the skeleton will be destroyed with ease. The same refers to Ink Demon – you just need to outperform this adversary in the dancing arena to get rid of him. All you need to do is to get focused on the rhythm not to miss a single note. Have fun!

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