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Can’t you have enough of the FNF adventures? There are already hundreds of new mods and characters added to the famous musical series. But are you still looking for more ways and possibilities to enjoy the favorite game? We have great news for you in this case – you should definitely try FNF Character Test! What is it about? First of all, here is a short introduction to the FNF story before you enjoy this thrilling mod!

Lots of rap battles!

You may want to know why the blue-haired hero has to continuously confront various opponents in musical battles. Everything is simple – Boyfriend is fighting for his love. He has a beloved girl, but their happiness is at risk. The thing is that the girl’s father is against this romance. He has got extremely mad and invented a special trap for the boy to fail as soon as possible. He challenged Boyfriend to take part in a rap battle to prove he has a feeling of rhythm. But the bad news is that the hero will always have a new opponent on the dancing stage. Being a professional musician, Daddy Dearest is sure that the protagonist will soon fail. But with the players’ support, Boyfriend shows excellent results. And it is entirely in your power to bring more wins to the main character and just have fun!

What will your hero look like?

If you are bored with continuous contests, developers have something absolutely thrilling to offer you! Now you can try on the role of a game designer! You will be able to modify your favorite FNF characters and make them look really unforgettable. How to achieve that? Open the FNF Test Character edition and study the menu. You will see several dozen personages from different FNF weeks and mods. Do you believe some of them could look better? No problem! You can immediately remake Boyfriend, Girlfriend and others. And you do not need any special skills for that. Just surf through the options prepared for you. It is possible to select a background for your hero. And of course, the most interesting part is the interaction with the character itself. How would you modify Boyfriend and his opponents? Everything no depends on your creativity. You can experiment until you are fully happy with the new appearance of your hero. This new activity will allow you to enjoy the FNF game even more! Try to remake as many characters as you can and share the results with your friends!

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