Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross Full Week

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The FNF developers keep intriguing their fans with new stories, scenes and mods. Only the rules remain unchanged for all chapters and episodes – the main character of this online is Boyfriend. He is a cute blue-haired boy who once met a lovely girl and madly fell in love. Girlfriend also likes the guy, but still, this relationship is at risk. Her father is against this love story and does everything he can to ruin it. How can Boyfriend convince this terrible man that he deserves the heart of his daughter? He has to accept the challenge offered by Daddy Dearest and take part in a lot of rap battles.

Indie Cross Full Week

The key idea of such a competition is to prove that he can follow the music rhythm better than his opponents. But Boyfriend never knows who he will see in front of him next time. Sometimes, his antagonists are very treacherous and unpredictable, making it a real trial for the guy to successfully complete his task. This time, everything is extremely hard as the Girlfriend’s father decided to invite characters from the famous indie games. So Boyfriend will meet three opponents at once! These are Cuphead, Sans and Bendy.

Each of them comes from a separate project. So the main hero will have to go through three thrilling duels. You know well that every antagonist comes with a set of special features, they all have enough strength to defeat the main hero. The first fight is going to be with Cuphead – the participants will dance to the Snake Eye song in a lovely retro atmosphere. The next battle will be with Sans from the legendary Undertale.

This iconic skeleton will bring the song Sansational to confront Boyfriend. And finally, there would be a duel with Beast Bendy to the thrilling soundtrack of Last Reel. Help the hero catch the rhythm of all these songs – just press the arrow symbols timely to make him move harmoniously to each type of music! You will love this joyful entertainment.

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