Friday Night Funkin Vs Tails.EXE

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If you love the FNF series, you must know Sonic very well. But have you ever met his best friend? Now you will have a chance to face this personage in a new FNF mod! It is a fox! But does it have such a strange name? It is called Tails not by chance – this opponent really comes with two tails! But Boyfriend will meet its evil version – Tails.EXE. It will be a struggle to fight this new antagonist and you will need all your creativity to dance better. Is your musical hearing strong enough for this task? Then do not wait any longer – join this fierce competition and prove Boyfriend is still the best performer ever!

Is that possible to trick Tails Exe?

It is always a challenge to dance against a new opponent. And when you need to deal with a creepypasta character, it is even more thrilling! Tails is no longer a friendly fox you used to know. He has been affected by some ruining virus that turned the personage into his aggressive version. But do not worry – you can still outperform him if you take enough effort. To win, you need to ideally catch the music rhythm and move to it with no mistakes.

With your help, Boyfriend will definitely do it! Look attentively at the screen – you will see four floating arrows. They all are pointing in different directions and you need to press them in time and in the correct order. If you do everything properly – you may not be afraid of evil Tails! Plunge into this new FNF adventure and enjoy it to the fullest!

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