Friday Night Funkin: Vs Sonic.Exe

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Do you know funny Sonic the Hedgehog? Now, this character will appear in a new mod of the FNF series. But have a closer look at him – it is no longer a friendly personage! The antagonist has transformed into his evil version – Sonic Exe. The confrontation with such an evil opponent is going to be really dangerous! So do not leave Boyfriend face to face with this scary creature. Join the guy in the dancing arena and help him interpret the rhythm without mistakes. Dance to the music to defeat Sonic Exe.

Dance until you win!

Are you a fan of the FNF rhythmical game? Then you know the rules very well – two participants of a rap battle compete in a dancing arena. Their task is to catch the rhythm of the song and move strictly to the music beats. But Boyfriend is really nervous this time as he will have to deal with more than a dangerous opponent. Sonic Exe is not in his best mood and is determined to get an advantage. He is very angry his previous version lost the battle before and is now going to take revenge. Will you join Boyfriend to calm him down?

You may help him a lot by coordinating his moves to the music rhythm. Just find four arrows on the screen – you will need to hit these signs to match all the beats. And do not forget to watch the Boyfriend’s health bat – it needs to remain green until the last chord of the music. The competition requires fast reaction and agility and brings a lot of joy to the players!

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