FNF Character Test Playground 3

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You must have already tried previous releases of Character Test Playground. Now a new chapter is ready for you to have even more joy! Now you can experiment with even more characters you met in this musical universe. Try on the role of a developer and show to the others what the heroes could look like if you were the author of FNF. There are no restrictions here – only your imagination matters. Try to change your hero’s poses, appearance and even vocals. You will be impressed by the possibilities allowed in the menu and the outcome you can achieve. So start this engaging adventure right now!

Make the heroes look different!

There are hundreds of mods in the FNF series. And if you are a fan of this rhythmical game, you already know very well the appearance of the majority of its characters. Whenever you hear about Boyfriend, Girlfriend or their opponents, you immediately recollect their appearance. But what they would look like if you can experiment with them? You can do it in this mod! Just open the menu to see what heroes you can modify.

Choose one of them and start this thrilling test! You can select an appropriate background, appearance elements and poses. Now select a song that your personage will perform. And now the most exciting moment – you can make the character change his vocals and sing in a really funny voice. Try to experiment with different heroes for the best gaming experience – you will love this process!

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