Poppy Funktime Vs Bunzo Bunny (FNF Mod)

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The trials for Boyfriend become more sophisticated with each new mod! This time Daddy Dearest sends a new toy monster to confront the hero. It is Bunzo Bunny from the well-known factory. Now, besides excellent reaction, Boyfriend needs to show good memory skills. He will be shown a particular sequence of colors for a second, and the task is to repeat it without fail! Join this thrilling adventure to help the main character outperform this toy monster and remain with his lovely Girlfriend!

Play a thrilling mini-game with Bonzo Bunny!

This mod will be especially appreciated by all fans of the FNF series. Here, you will have two missions at once – you need to catch the music rhythm and repeat the color combination. Who is this new opponent? If you played Poppy Playtime, you surely remember Mommy Long Legs. It is toy spider who was terrorizing the protagonist with difficult puzzles. Bonzo Bunny is a secondary character from that online game.

But now he popped up in the FNF universe to have some fun with Boyfriend. This personage also created a trial for the hero – he will show some colors in a particular order and will ask to repeat this order. Will you manage the task? Boyfriend cannot fail this challenge as he will lose Girlfriend forever! So do not leave him alone in this difficult situation – join and support the hero. He must win at any cost! At the same time, you will have a great time in this amazing entertainment.

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