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Music rules the world. So it is not by chance that Friday Night Character has become so popular among players. The project is fully based on music and rhythm. You will face a lot of funny characters and hear plenty of thrilling soundtracks. Get ready for many exciting adventures, where you will travel across other gaming worlds, meet new personages and overcome a lot of obstacles on your way. Let’s have a closer look at this entertainment.

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What is FNF about?

The whole story is more than exciting. You will meet two main characters – Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The boy fell in love with this lovely girl. But this romantic story is overshadowed by the girl’s father who wants to get rid of the hero at any cost. But he cannot persuade his daughter to forget the guy. So Daddy Dearest invents an interesting way for this purpose – as a former musician, he asks him to go through special musical fights and prove that he has an excellent feeling of rhythm. The hero has no choice but agree as he does not want to lose his love. What do these battles look like? Everything is simple – every time a new opponent turns up on the horizon, Boyfriend needs to take him to a dancing arena and compete in dancing. The winner is the participant who catches more beats of the rhythm. All you need to do is to listen to the music attentively and try to repeat it by moving to its notes. There are four floating arrows on the screen. You will have to press these to enable Boyfriend to dance, syncing with the music.

Experiment with your favorite heroes!

The developers decided to make the whole story even more incredible by allowing the players to change some details. It refers to their favorite characters. Now you can experiment with their appearances and it is not a joke! You can try the FNF Character Test release to redesign your favorite characters to your liking. There are several features you can modify now. The first step is to select what hero you would like to remake – open the menu and choose one from the offered personages. Then decide on the background for your future scene. And now work with your hero – you can experiment with his poses flipping him to different sides, appearance, and even adjust his voice pitch. This activity is very engaging, and you will be hardly able to stop once you dive into this fabulous adventure! Have fun and come up with your own set of unique FNF characters!

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