FNF Character Test Playground 2

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Imagine for a moment that you are a developer of the famous FNF series. What would your characters look like? It would be great to experiment with your favorite heroes’ appearance, right? Now you have such an opportunity. The game creators have issued FNF Test Playground that allows players to modify and customize personages to their liking. First of all, look through the gallery and select the character you want to interact with. Then check what options are available in the menu. Try them all until you find the best combination. All FNF fans will love this engaging entertainment.

How can you change the characters?

You can select your favorite FNF personage from the menu and work it to make it look completely different! Each test playground release contains a certain number of heroes you can interact with. These can be both main and secondary characters. So once you decide whom you want to customize, let’s get started! The first step is to select the background for your future scene.

Now, look how you can change the appearance of your hero – there are several interesting options you can activate. And now comes the most fabulous step – you can even experiment with the pitch of the voice. It is possible to interact with as many personages as you wish. There are no restrictions here! Make sure you take pictures of your reworked FNF characters and share them with friends!

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