FNF Vs Mommy Long Legs (Playtime Poppy)

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Boyfriend from the FNF universe can hardly find time for rest. Treacherous Daddy Dearest does not stop sending new and new opponents to challenge him for rap battles. Sometimes, these confrontations are really dangerous! And this new mod will bring such an antagonist. It is Mommy Long Legs from the old toy factory. She looks quite a pretty decorative spider. But you definitely heard creepy stories about that place and know that you cannot trust any Playtime toy now! So take this new personage to a dancing arena. You must win this duel by reading the rhythm better and get rid of the enemy!

Will you solve all the puzzles?

This cartoon-looking spider seems quite friendly at first glance. But do not forget that everyone from the toy factory has been influenced by some unknown power and turned into an evil monster. They all hide under very tricky appearances. And Mommy Long Legs is no exception. This antagonist has a lot of puzzles for everyone. And once her opponent fails to provide the right answer, she will immediately wrap him with the web and kill him!

Boyfriend has only one chance to survive this meeting – he must challenge his new opponent to a rap battle and win it! If you have played FNF before, you know very well that it will be extremely difficult to catch all the music beats with no mistakes. But it is the only way to get rid of this insane toy. So help the main hero dance flawlessly – hit the arrow symbols in time. Boyfriend cannot allow the spider to win!

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