FNF Vs Sonic EXE 2.0

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Do you know lovely hedgehog Sonic with blue hair? Then you should know that the main ability of this personage is to change his appearance. He can easily transform into any creepypasta character. Sonic has already tried to defeat Boyfriend before but failed. And he cannot put up with it! Now he is looking for taking revenge. To scare Boyfriend, he activates his aggressive version – Sonic.EXE. But will it help him if you support the main hero on the dancing stage? All you need to do is to listen to the music and catch its rhythm. Prove it by timely pressing on the arrow keys and maintaining your health bar green.

How did Sonic Exe appear?

All players want to know what actually happened to the hedgehog’s original version and why he became so evil. The story tells it that one day, the classical game about Sonic was corrupted by some unknown virus, and all its characters were affected too. As a result, the friendly hedgehog unbelievably changed. Now he is not friendly but rather insane. So it is better to avoid a meeting with him as his reaction cannot be predicted. Sonic Exe is very dangerous. This personage is always looking for new adventures. This time, he has sneaked into the FNF world and is determined to defeat Boyfriend. The player should do all in his power not to allow it to happen!

Outperform your evil opponent!

No matter who Boyfriend needs to deal with, the rules of the game remain unchanged. Both characters will compete for the best performance. The ultimate goal is to repeat the rhythm of the song you have never heard before. Don’t rush to say it is as easy as pie! Those who already played FNF know well that all songs sound at a crazy speed, and it is extremely difficult to catch all the beats. It gets even more thrilling when you see mad Sonic Exe in front of you! But there is no other solution – you need to help Boyfriend in this uneven duel now. Just concentrate on the music and dance to match its notes – press colored arrows on the screen timely! Move fast if you want to leave your enemy behind and win!

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