FNF Character Test Playground Remake 5

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The adventures in the FNF world are never over! Its creators are literally fountaining with ideas. And this time you will be offered something really thrilling. You may have already participated in dozens of fierce rap battles, but we bet you a new engaging activity is awaiting you now. So let’s get started? This time, you will experience the game in a completely new role. You will be modifying the most popular FNF characters!

About FNF plot

If you are a fan of this game, then you know that its main hero is a cute boy who continuously fights for his love. He wants to prove to her father that he deserves the heart of his daughter. However, treacherous Daddy Dearest is trying to use all methods to make them break up. He is sure he will make Boyfriend fail if he forces him to sing and dance. Being a professional musician, he believes that the protagonist will fail immediately. But things turned out to be different. The hero is so determined to save his relationship, that he dances excellently. He demonstrates a good rhythm feeling and is ready to confront even a monster in the dancing arena! However, this time a new adventure is waiting for you in this musical world. You will not complete any more but interact with characters.

How does FNF character editor work?

This is something new in the FNF universe. Until now, you were playing with ready-made personages. There were no customization possibilities. But everything has changed! The developers decided to surprise players with an editor that allows you to modify Boyfriend, Girlfriend and their opponents. So if you have some ideas how to change these participants, you can now realize them in this new mod. There are several things you can modify – you can change the background, you can work on the appearance of the character you want to remake. And what is the most thrilling – you can now experiment with the vocals. If you activate all these options, you will get your favorite personage in a completely new interpretation! There are absolutely no restrictions in this mod – you can even remake all heroes available in the gallery. One thing is sure – this process is extremely enjoyable and you will find it difficult to stop it! Just unleash your creativity and get started!

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